Story of the Artist: Mauro Capelli

Mauro Capelli is a unique artist, moved by the real passion, which comes from within. Married and with a well-established career in the industrial field, Mauro has always had a pure passion for painting and for many years this remains so, a keen desire that could not have been realized, until one day a bet with his wife changes the fate of the artist: “Do you want to see that I am selling a painting?” he says, turning to his wife. There it was, he started participating in the first competitions and winning them (the first reminds him of an impromptu Mariano Comense), and his career begins to take shape.

Mauro Capelli Art Nature

He then decides, when he is about 30 years old, to leave the security of a permanent place to live off his passion, art. It is a real leap in the dark, which leaves friends and family members skeptical of the decision taken, perhaps even incredulous. But this doesn't stop Mauro.

He thus begins to attend the studio of Cesare Benaglia, a well-known painter from Bergamo, a period in which he begins to paint with oil colors and watercolor and in the meantime with Alessandro Verdi, a Bergamo master, he experiments with the technique of drawing. Another important figure in Mauro's growth is Pino Buelli, an incredible 20th century painter who will always remain one of the most important references for the artist.

Mauro Capelli Art Nature

Mauro tries to make his ardor, this internal fire converge on a canvas, always listening to the judgments and criticisms "of the best", the only real way to grow and do better, because, as Mauro says, "You never stop learning".

One of the comments received which marked him the most and had an impact on Mauro was that of the mentor Cesare Benaglia, who, looking at one of his first paintings, often said "It's a little hard", adding nothing else. Only after years Mauro was able to interpret this message, to understand its value and to transfer it into his works.

Mauro is a sunny, positive and genuine person, this also shines through in his works, characterized by warm colors, always balanced with each other with witty detail.

Another characteristics of the artist's is the love for experimentation, and it is precisely from this that one of the most characteristic traits of him was born: the use of gauze.

Mauro Capelli Art Figurative

Mauro was painting with watercolor and had to dry any excess color, the only thing available at that time was some gauze. While he is drying the painting he realizes that the color left impregnated on the gauze has a totally different and fascinating tone, hence the decision to integrate this technique in his works of him. The magic of discovering and never setting limits.

Another anecdote that the artist recalls concerns the use of a particular resin, used in the construction sector, which however has become another of his distinctive features. Even with this material he came into contact by chance long before his discovery of gauze and, once again, he decided to experiment. It took some time to figure out how to match it with the colors, with which tools to work it, but that's the beauty of having fun doing what you love. Through the use of this mixed technique, new at the time, he won his first competition and made himself known by the public and critics.

Mauro began by painting landscapes and figures, to date he has embarked on the world of the abstract.

Mauro Capelli Art Color1

Mauro is now in tune with his passion, which over time has transformed from a rough diamond into a unique and precious stone, and this is reflected in his clearly recognizable style.

When the artist paints, he does not refer to a specific idea but rather to a theme that fascinates him. Having a theme allows him to represent a subject from different angles.

What he wants to offer to the viewer, however, is not just the representation of a theme, but emotion, which is defined by the artist as "the most beautiful thing to give".

Mauro Capelli Art Color2

Once every detail has been taken care of and found the balance of every stain, which at first glance may seem to be placed in a casual way, it is time to think about the title, another tool that the artist uses to convey his thoughts and his inner "I".

Spontaneity, experimentation, emotion, this is what transpires from the artist and his works. Art, painting, today are like an addiction for Mauro, they give the artist a sense of well-being from the moment he wakes up and which the artist can no longer do without.

And that's what we hope to share with you at Berista. For more information on Mauro Capelli and his artwork available on, you can visit his profile.