Story of the Artist: Giulio Bassi

Giulio Bassi began taking photographs at the age of four, when his father gave him a fully manual bellows camera.

This allows him, from an early age, to experiment and learn to focus on subjects, study the techniques to obtain a good resolution. Only later did he begin to experiment with analogue and digital, remaining however of the conviction that true experience built it with the first manual models, which forced the artist to understand how to capture what he saw in the way he wanted. .

Giulio Bassi Photo 1

Giulio is a lover of all-round art: he paints, makes sculptures, plays the piano, writes but unfortunately, for reasons of study and work, he temporarily moves away from his passions.

In the meantime, he deals with economics, which, he claims, is a mix of knowledge of business techniques and imagination in order to find a solution to the problems of a society: just like photography. Making a good photograph requires both the knowledge of techniques and the ability to grasp what is around us.

Giulio Bassi Photograph 7

With digital technology, which allows to reduce creation times, Giulio resumes cultivating his passion, participating in competitions that see him appreciated nationally and sharing his creations online such as on flickr and google plus, and it is precisely here which is consecrated as one of the 100 most followed photographers in the world between 2009 and 2010.

Giulio Bassi Photo 2

For Giulio, what makes a photograph beautiful is not the photographer's mastery in the use of techniques but rather the emotion that he manages to convey through, why not, imperfections. According to the artist, photography is just emotion.

Over time, the style and subjects represented have changed, continuing to make technical experiments but above all on a human level. What electrifies the photographer the most is precisely the human part of this art, the possibility of meeting new people, listening to them, understanding them and capturing their expression in one click that tells a little of who they are.

Giulio Bassi Photo 3

Pure ecstasy is reached by Giulio when he can establish these connections with people he meets casually in distant countries, of which he does not know traditions and languages: to stop men and women on the street, to try to understand them, to know them and to discover their manias and tics, to communicate with them and stop all this whirlwind of emotions in an image. This creates a whirlwind of positive feelings in the artist that are indescribable.

Giulio's other passion, in addition to that of portraiture, is to photograph the architecture that surrounds him, a passion that arises from his love of geometry.

Giulio Bassi Photo 5

All the images that Giulio immortalizes have one denominator in common: light. This is exactly what inspires the photographer.

Using a word, Giulio's art can be described with "emotion". This is what he wants to convey, not technical perfection but only the beauty of making something feel that he observes.

Giulio Bassi Photo 6

Photography gives a cerebral freedom to express oneself and emotion is what naturally derives from it, because freedom gives emotion.

This is what we believe you will experience by the photographs of Giulio Bassi.

For more information on Giulio Bassi and his photographs available on, you can visit his profile.