Each artwork on Berista comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity and why is it important?

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) document determines an artwork's origin, with the certificate declaring that the relevant artwork was created by the artist, showing that it is authentic.

The COA guarantees the credibility of your purchase. It is an essential document for buyers who would like to be sure that it is not a replica or a fake one.

The art market values an original artwork much higher than a replica copy. Although the replicas might seem identical to the original, since it was not the same artist who painted it, even though it may have the same aesthetic impact, it does not have the same market value.

    The certificate of authenticity documents for each artwork on sale on berista.com contains all the information listed below:

    • Title of the artwork
    • Name of the artist
    • Date and Place
    • Indication of whether it is the original work or a limited print etc.
    • Original signature of the author of the piece
    • Copyright holder, applicable law and reproduction rights, if any
    • Other extra information such as magazines or resources related to the author or the work etc.