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Exclusive Italian Design and Artwork in the World of Berista

Berista was founded by two design and art lovers, Emre and Martina. Originally from Turkey and Italy and now adopted by The Netherlands that has sparkling and international vibe, Berista has the goal to deliver luxurious Italian design products and artwork from Italian Artists to enthusiasts worldwide. 

Berista offers a collection of unique designer items and exceptional artworks carefully crafted by our gifted designers and artists, all 'Made in Italy'.

We are continuously discovering the incredible hidden treasury of Italy, a land full of talented and incredible artists and designers, admiring the uniqueness of their products. We believe in handmade products that support collaborative and sustainable design. We deeply respect the traditional work techniques of designers and artists and the time it takes them to create each product and artwork. These unique design items and artworks are all in one place through our platform.

We go in their labs, observe their works and understand where their passion comes from, because our idea was also born out of our true passion for art and design products that gives us the feeling of looking at something unique. Starting from this passion, we decided to create an online exhibition of the Italian artists and designers that we would like the world to get to know and learn from.

Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy Italian art and craftsmanship and to diffuse it in the world for satisfying the dreams and imagination of the public. We believe that everyone should be able to transform their own ordinary environment to an extraordinary one. 

Exceptional quality and aesthetic, passion for the Italian design and art tradition, uniqueness and extraordinary imagination. Shape your life the way you see it and merge your exclusive taste with the world of Berista.