Story of the Designer: Giulia Donati

Giulia Donati is a young and brilliant Product Designer originally from Bergamo. What strikes the most is her determination accompanied by sensitivity, characteristics that are reflected in her products.

Giulia Donati Product Design Duna

Giulia, who defines herself as a re-invented architect, attended the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland, which led her to have various experiences abroad that stimulated the development of her creativity. The traits of her that distinguish her are her creativity linked to Made in Italy and a strong international imprinting, together with the desire to experiment and give free rein to the imagination. Giulia is genuinely passionate about the world of product design, she is driven by the desire to experiment with different materials, to discover their limit and use it as a starting point for the creation of unique and unrepeatable products. Working the material up to the strenuous of its possibilities.

Giulia Donati Product Design and herself

The path that formed her began much earlier, however, as a child, since she spent her time in the family's mechanical industry, from which she inherited the passion for manual skills and industrial materials, and in the design products shop of mother, in which she is surrounded daily by elegant and refined objects, which have been precious cues of inspiration for her.

The result of her daily exposure to the industrial world and to the "beauty" of design is Giulia's incredible ability to manage the creation of a single product in every aspect, from the idea, to the design, to the development, to the creation up to the exposure.

Giulia Donati Product Design and sink

The products available on Berista, which are part of the 'ToShape' collection, embody the essence of Made in Italy and craftsmanship which are unique, unrepeatable, characterized by a minimalist flavor and engaging shapes.

Giulia's use of an industrial material, usually considered cold and aseptic, is innovative, and after being modeled, it gives a feeling of warm harmony.

Giulia Donati Product Design 1
The real beauty of this collection is its versatility. Giulia in fact wants to give the customer the opportunity to imagine and choose what the product will be used for in the homes of those who purchase it. The goal is to give value to the space. Her tireless and versatile creativity, combined with her strong curiosity and desire to do will lead Giulia to the creation of many other collections that we can't wait to show you at
For more information on Giulia Donati and her design products available on, you can visit her profile.