“Luckily, there are still artists who listen to themselves looking for ethical as well as aesthetic values."

This short sentence by Renzo Margonari summarizes all the work of Angelo Bordiga who, excluding any compromise, embarked on a profound journey in search of an aesthetic truth without artificiality or commercial contamination.

In the artist's work we can see references to distant masters such as Tiziano, Velasquez, Rembrandt or Goya, Impressionist masters such as Degas and twentieth century influences ranging from Egon Schiele's Expressionism to Giacometti and Bacon, from Sironi to some topics of De Chirico's Metaphysics , Music, Varlin, up to that movement, born around the early sixties in the Milan area, called “Existential Realism”.

The sign is precise, sharp, like a blade that cuts into any type of surface, it can be light like a tissue paper or a mixture of stucco and shapeless glues. From each support a well-defined image is born that clearly summarizes the artist's intent.

The use of continuous experimentation leads him to use a pictorial language of rare quality in the context of the contemporary art scene.