Emanuele Grazioli, artist from Pontirolo Nuovo, Italy describes himself and his understanding of Art with below statements;

"I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where art in all its forms and craftsmanship were those values ​​capable of expressing the self and the beauty and uniqueness of the person. From a very young age I began to transform anything that happened to me into something alive or at least this is what I saw in it. I grew up in music and painting, studying and practicing them until now.

After the artistic high school I worked as a craftsman in the field of fine arts, restoration and decorations until I arrived in the formative and educational environment in the artistic, pictorial and musical field.

Now (...) I have decided to restore value to an aspect that belongs to me in such a primordial way, that it shakes me brutally and revives me every time I get in touch with it. I look at it and I feel In front, inside and beyond.

The contrast reveals many details, the hidden aspects are foreground and the defects of the forms fade. Colors are perhaps excessive (...) but vivid.

They cause me that deep shiver that explodes from my center until it reaches the most extreme surface.

It teams with life, death, pain, joy, frustration, enjoyment, love and everlasting life. Yet it's all so simple out there.

I am mesmerized by it. My thoughts can not stop always comes back there.

Yet black should cover everything, and white erase everything.

White is the measure (...) the Degree of intensity and strength".