TO SHAPE - Forming something into a particular shape: Giulia Donati

ToShape collection by Giulia Donati is inspired by what man has always done: giving shape and function to materials.

Donati Materials Photo

Curiosity, experimentation and the will to overcome limits, even those of the material itself, give light to unique and unrepeatable shapes. It is the shapes themselves that suggest to each of us the function that the object will take.

Each object is made by hand with care and attention: this makes it exclusive and timeless. An indissoluble fusion between tradition and innovation, between risk and dexterity, between the craftsmanship of weaving and the use of a modern material.


Donati Shaping Photo

Giulia Donati says "My great curiosity, since I was a child, pushed me to look for limits in things and, thus, I decided to continue doing it even as an adult. After my scientific studies, I finished my university career in 2018 with a Masters in Architecture at the Mendrisio Academy in Switzerland."

To closely observe the aesthetic beauty and formal simplicity of Nordic design, during her university years, she moved to Stockholm for a short time. "This is how my desire to "go back to being a child" and my interest in the use of materials were felt, Safari Farm was born: a collection of small aluminum animals with a simple and fun design, only for true connoisseurs." says the Italian designer. 

Giulia Donati Italian Product Designer

After graduation and some collaboration, she decides to go "home" and get closer to her own city. "My work has given me the opportunity to put my hand to real projects, to be able to develop the details and to travel a lot in Italy and abroad. It was then that I started experimenting and discovering all the limits of the materials I was working with. From aluminum, which has accompanied me since I was a child, to SSM (solid surface material) in its pure simplicity."

From here her creations were born: unique pieces, handmade and 100% made in Italy. Simple and traditional shapes are reinterpreted in a modern key with innovative materials and unique production processes. All "dusted" by a pinch of amazement, wonder and dream.


Giulia Donati Italian Product Designer

In addition to her collections, Giulia Donati develops customized projects and settings for every occasion and space. 

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